Cast List Announced for Parade

4th Street Theater is pleased to announce the cast of Parade

Will Akins as Jim Conley/Ensemble
TJ Aubuchon as Britt Craig/Ensemble
Jená Bellezza as Angela
Kelly Bourget as Lucille Frank
Brian Brophy as Governor John Slaton/Ensemble
Matthew Byerly as Hugh Dorsey/Ensemble
Kelly Collins as Mary Phagan/Ensemble
Brendan Herr as Frankie Epps/Ensemble
Kelly Denise Horton as Minola McKnight
Larry Jortner as Luther Rosser/Ensemble
Manuel L. Longoria as Newt Riley/Ensemble
Victoria Luster-Bartz as Factory Girl/Ensemble
Madison Marsh as Factory Girl/Ensemble
Bob Penney as Judge Roan/Old Soldier/Ensemble
Dean Perrine as Leo Frank
Jordan Elaine Rice as Factory Girl/Ensemble
Jill Ritchie as Mrs. Phagan/Ensemble
Donna Rowland as Mrs. Slaton/Ensemble
Kendra Vanderstar as Iola Stover/Ensemble
Wayne Wendell as Tom Watson/Ensemble
Mary Yong as Fiddlin’ Jane/Ensemble

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The following roles have yet to be cast:

Leo Frank
Our story’s tragic protagonist accused of murder. As National Pencil Factory Superintendent, Leo is neurotic and a serial pessimist. Though married to Lucille, he is physically and emotionally displaced. A White Jew from the North.
Gender: Male
Age: 25 to 35
Vocal range top: F4
Vocal range bottom: Gb2

Fiddlin’ John
White adult Georgian, Bari-Tenor,
Ensemble Role with solos

Mezzo, adult African-American female
Interested persons should contact director Glenn Hering to schedule an audition: