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2019 10 Minute Play Selections

2019 10 Minute Play Selection


The 10 Minute Play Festival reading committee had the difficult task of reading all the shows and narrowing it down to just 8 plays. After much debate, we are ready to announce this year’s 10 Minute Plays. Here are this year’s plays  


By: Mike McGeever   Characters: MARIE, 26, a graduate student in Physics GABE, 40, a Physics Professor   Synopsis; Marie, a graduate student in physics waiting for a train, encounters a stranger who suggests a route that will change her life forever.    

The Elimination Round

By: Carl L. Williams   Characters: FENRICK………..wealthy man seeking to eliminate an unwanted wife MORGAN………..hitman engaged to do the eliminating GENEVA…….…..the unwanted wife who resists being eliminated PRISCILLA.……..Fenrick’s wife-to-be and finalist in the elimination round   Synopsis: A wealthy man engages a hitman to kill his wife so he can marry a new love. The hitman, however, proves to be an even shrewder businessman in negotiating a better deal.  

Goodbye Itzy-Bitzy

By Betty Robinson   Characters: Ben and Annie Mickey – An elderly couple   SYNOPSIS Today’s the day! Ben and Annie are leaving their home to move into a retirement community. Though they have discussed this move many times, Annie is very upset. Their dog, Itzy-bitzy can not go with them because they can not afford the $900 dollar pet deposit. Ben has promised they will save up the money and in six months bring Itzy-Bitzy home. A niece is caring for the dog. Annie says she has called a taxi and is leaving to pick up Itzy-Bitzy and live on the streets because their daughter should have moved into their home and taken care of them. Years ago, Ben did that for his mother causing Annie to run off to Mexico for some time. Ben says she is running away, again. “If you don’t realize that we are responsible for caring for each other, then just go! Two wrongs do not make a right.” Both Ben and Annie must deal with what happened in the past and what needs to happen now. The unexpected happens at the end and Annie does not have to say goodbye to Itzy-Bitzy  

Budget Airlines Flight 711

By: Bruce Guelden   Characters: TODD …. about 35, professional MARY …. about 30, a loose cannon, spunky JENNA …. about 30 CAPTAIN SMITH (voice only) .…no-nonsense, southern drawl   SYNOPSIS: This play is about a struggling airline company and its dysfunctional flight crew.  


by Scott M ullen   Characters:   TOM (60s-70s). An aging man in a thin coat. QUINN (female, 20s). Just out of the army. Thin coat. JENNY (20s). Quinn’s girlfriend   Synopsis: When two veterans meet on a bus station bench, their differences are clear, but ultimately they find common ground as well  

You Haven’t Changed a Bit

By Donna Hoke   Characters: LEN: Old man LOTTIE: Old woman   SYNOPSIS: Lottie has never been to a high school reunion; Len has been to them all. Their 70th is a first for them both.  

About Time

By Robin Baron   Characters: JIM A man, around 50 years old. DIANE A woman, around 50 years old.   Synopsis: Time is just about up for Jim’s watch and clock store when Diane helps him discover a new way to spend his leisure time.  

Office Hours

by Bryan Harnetiaux   Characters: Eleanor Price – mid 50’s; a college professor – seemingly the ultimate professional Nicole Seversen – mid/late 20’s; edgy and unhinged in appearance   Synopsis: Nicole goes to confront a college professor about plagiarism.  

Please follow our facebook page and website for more information on directing and auditioning.

All My Sons

Chesterton’s 4th Street Theater presents Arthur Miller’s All My Sons. Family secrets, greed, lust and tragedy abound in this iconic drama directed by Steve Rohe. This production is based on a real incident that occurred in 1943 and was brought to Miller’s attention by his mother-in-law. Defective airplane parts were sold to the military, resulting in catastrophic consequences. The story revolves around the Kellers and the Deevers.  They had been neighbors and the men business partners. Their children grew up together.

Director, Steve Rohe, is a regular at 4th Street Theater and an avid Arthur Miller fan. Rohe has previously directed Crucible, as well as Enemy of the People (translation by Arthur Miller) and has performed in Death of a Salesman. He is excited to bring this dramatic piece to the stage of 4th Street Theater and he proudly proclaims his cast members and crew as both incredibly talented and dedicated.

Cast members include: Donald Beck of Michigan City as Joe Keller, Barb Malangoni of Valparaiso as Kate Keller, Rodney Thornton of Hobart as Chris Keller, Erin Shields of Chesterton as Anne Deever, Thomas Knoerzer of Portage as George Deever, Emily Gulbransen of Hobart as Lydia Lubey, Jeff Schultz of Valparaiso as Frank Lubey, Mark McColley of Valparaiso as Dr. Jim Bayliss and Laura Toops of Merrillville as Sue Bayliss.

Assistant Director: Victoria Luster Bartz, Stage Manager: Rea Robinson, Production Supervisor: Jude Tanter.

When: March 8, 9, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 2019 at 8:00 pm and

March 17, 24, 2019 at 3:00 pm

Where: 4th Street Theater, 125 N. Fourth St., Chesterton

Cost: $20

Call to reserve seats: 219-926-7875 www.4thstreetncca.org or order tickets online @ https://allmysons.brownpapertickets.com

Patti Pretzel, Publicist for 4th Street Theater

All My Sons Cast List

All My Sons Cast List

Cast List:

Joe Keller ………… Donald Beck
Kate Keller…………Barb Baker Malangoni
Chris Keller………..Rodney Thornton
Anne Deever……….Erin Shields
George Deever……Thomas Knoerzer
Dr. Jim Bayliss……Mark McColley
Sue Bayliss…………Laura Toops
Frank Lubey……….Jeff Schultz
Lydia Lubey……….Emily Gulbransen


Don’t miss this powerful show.  Tickets are on sale now at:


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Click Here to visit the Brown Paper Tickets event page.

Congratulations on the NIETF Awards

Congratulations to all the winners at the 26th Annual NIETF Gala.

4th Street received the following awards:

Presidential Award for Excellence – 4th Street Theater for The Red Kite Project

Viewers Choice in a Play – Foreign Language Use by Cast, The Primary English Class, 4th Street Theater

Principal Male in a Musical – Tyler Mills as Leo Frank, Parade, 4th Street Theater

Principal Female in a Musical – Kelly Bourget as Lucille Frank, Parade, 4th Street Theater

Featured Role in a Musical – Will Akins as Jim Conley, Parade, 4th Street Theater

Direction of a Musical – Linda Pauli, Ordinary Days, 4th Street Theater

Vocal Direction of a Musical – Linda Pauli, Parade, 4th Street Theater

Viewers Choice in a Musical – Projections/Paper Falling Effect (Angela Heid, Dan Watt), Ordinary Days, 4th Street Theater

Best Musical – Ordinary Days, 4th Street Theater

Volunteer of the Year – 4th Street Theater – Angela Heid

For a full list of the awards, please visit: http://nietf.org/2017-2018-award-winners/

Red Kite Treasure Adventure


RE: RED KITE TREASURE ADVENTURE for children on the autism spectrum

On September 15th, 4th Street Theater in Chesterton, will present the Red Kite Treasure Adventure, a free, interactive theater experience with live music and sensory moments written, created and performed by Chicago Children’s Theatre specifically for small audiences of young people, ages 4-14, on the autism spectrum. 3 performances are scheduled for 50 minutes each. Refer to the 4th Street Theater website for times and additional information. The theater is located at 125 N. Fourth Street in Chesterton.
The participating children will join the chivalrous Oswald and his precocious siblings on their harrowing journey to track down a rare Chinese vase. Their adventure leads them to Chinatown where they arrive just in time for New Year’s festivities, dragon puppets, fireworks and lanterns. After conquering their fears (and a sea serpent named Gong Gong) our heroes return home with a newfound appreciation for bravery, honesty and family tradition. Inspired by characters from Edith Nesbit’s The Story of the Treasure Seekers, this intimate production creates a safe and exciting theatrical environment for young people with autism and their families. Registration is required—absolutely no walk-ins will be allowed and it is not open for public viewing. Invited family members may attend.
• A parent or caretaker must accompany each child to the theater and will be able to sit near his/her child, though not in the performance space itself.
• Reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis through the 4th Street Theater website.
• For more information and registration, visit us online at www.4thstreetNCCA.com (click on the link to Red Kite Treasure Adventure). Parents may also contact Jude Tanter, producer and coordinator of the program, at (773) 791-0782 with specific questions and concerns.

If you know anyone who has an autistic child, please encourage them to take advantage of this very special event. The Red Kite Treasure Adventure is fully sponsored by Chesterton-Duneland Kiwanis, Chesterton Tri Kappa and Horizon Bank.

Ten Minute Play Cast List Announced

Thank you to everyone who submitted scripts, applied to direct, and/or auditioned. We had a terrific turn out this year.

The plays, playwrights, directors and casts for this year are:

LET ME WIN – by Chris Shaw Swanson

Director – Donna Rowland


Julie – Elli Bezotte

Coach – Michael Fish

Ashley – Jill Waterson

PERSONAL DEMONS – by Maryanne Truax

Director – George Maslankowski


Boy – Rodney Thornton

Girl – Auriel Lark Felsecker

CAMOUFLAGED NAILS – by Anthony L. Mariani

Director – George Maslankowski


Lisa Lumiere – Jill Ritchie

Officer Simmons – Kelly Denise Horton

Mrs. Griffin – Sandy Owens

Emma Hancock – Hillary Havlin

ALL THE DECORATIONS – by Dean Donofrio

Director – Tom Knoerzer


Sammie – Brian Brophy

Faye – Andrea Brophy

BEING FERRIED – by Marj O’Neill – Butler

Director – Peggy Glennie


Ashley – Kristin Duncan

Jean – Linda Lemond

Curt – Tyler Mills

GIVEN AWAY – by Greg Lam

Director – Amy Stepanek


Clarice – Sandy Owens

Beth – Katie Westlund


Director – Steve Rohe


Detective Toomey – Jerry Golvidis

Colfax – Joe Culley

SLOW BURN – by Brian Cox

Director – Bob Dure


Slavka – Diana Smoot

Alexis – Elli Bezotte

Doug – Rodney Thornton

READY TO SELL – by Tom Raber

Director – Jeff Schultz


Edward Moore – Tom Olson

Sheree – Auriel Lark Felsecker

Aunt Florence – Patricia Schulz


Director – LuAnne Pezel


Eunice – Millie Arocho

Theodora – Pattie Pretzel Howard

Randy – Francis Veltri

Tickets are on sale now

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Click Here to visit the Brown Paper Tickets event page.

Improv Comedy Nights

4th Street Theater:

Improv Nights

For Immediate Release

4th Street Theater is proud to be partnering with Improductions, LLC to bring you two different nights of improv. Makeshift up will be presenting their “Whose Line” Style improv on July 12 at 8pm. The Tony Stanzas is a musical improv group that will be improvising a musical on July 28th. Both shows will be at 4th Street Theater located at 125 N. Fourth Street Chesterton, IN. Tickets are $10.

Makeshift Up & The Tony Stanzas have performed in Grand Rapids Improv Festival, Chicago Improv Festival, The Chicago Improv Classic, and at a variety of northwest Indiana theaters and venues. Various members have performed and trained at Chicago improv powerhouses such as The Second City, iO Chicago, ComedySportz, and the Annoyance Theatre. For these special performances, they will be improvising based on audience suggestions.

4th Street Theater is a local nonprofit, community theater that has been a hometown staple in Chesterton and the Northwest Indiana region for nearly two decades. For more information on this show or the theatre, visit us online at 4thstreetncca.com or call 219-926-7875. For more information on The Tony Stanzas or Makeshift up, visit https://improductionsllc.com/

Call for Directors for the Annual 10 Minute Play Festival

Director Application for Ten Minute Play Festival

Do you want to direct in the 2018 Ten Minute Play Festival @ 4th Street Theater this year? The deadline to apply is June 30th

Auditions will likely be held in July and rehearsals will start as soon as casts are selected. Directors must be available for the auditions to see the actors and select their casts.

For questions about the festival, please contact Linda Pauli, Festival Producer, at lpauli2006@comcast.net.

Too Apply – go to