All actors and all other volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated prior to starting to volunteer at our theatre per our COVID policy

10-Minute Plays

Audition Dates: June 29 & 30 at 6:30 PM.  (at 4th Street Theater)

Performances August 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27 & 28, 2022 (tickets will go on sale in July)

Sunday performances are at 3:00 pm.  Thursday/Friday, & Saturday performances are at 8:00 pm
Rehearsals: Time and place will be determined by each director.  However, there is a mandatory tech week from August 15-18 for all plays.

Please bring a list of all conflicts.  Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

There is no need to prepare a monologue.

The minimum age to audition is 13.  All characters this year are adults.


The 2022 Plays are:

Science Friction; or, The Rapid Deconstruction of a Rational Mind

by Ken Preuss

Synopsis: A deep dive into her boyfriend’s Sci-Fi favorites sends Daisy over the deep end.

DAISY: Female: Paranoid. Panicked. Pessimistic.
RAY: Male: Patient. Polite. Perplexed.
VOICE: Off Stage: Male or Female.

Prince of Peace

by Edward Bloor

Synopsis: Stephanie interviews Marisol for her podcast about her son's death.  But his death is not quite what it seems at first.

STEPHANIE Lee, 25, an online journalist
LUIS Prince, 17, a high school student
MARISOL Prince, 35, Luis’s mother

Prepare Yourself

by William R. Boersma

Synopsis: When 19-year-old runaway street artist, Alex, tries to rob the 50-year-old overbearing pedestrian, Beth, at gunpoint; she quickly finds out she is in for more than she bargained for when Beth teaches Alex how to properly mug someone, how to create a well-balanced budget, and how a nice hot plate a lasagna beats another night on the street any day.

ALEX, 19, female, a part-time street artist, and a full-time mugger.
BETH, 50, female, an overbearing pedestrian who doesn't want to see Alex making the same
mistakes as her playwright son, "Wil".


by Maximillian Gill

Erica goes to get a library card to find out that instead of books, it is now a bar.

Erica 30s, female, of any ethnicity, and intellectual transplant from a big city to a small town, she’s had some major changes in her life and hasn’t adapted yet
Tyler 20s, male, of any ethnicity, a college student working at a library, happy to take whatever joy he can
Crystal 30s-60s, female, any ethnicity, library supervisor, she feels like she’s in a thankless job, and sometimes she just can’t


by Carl L. Williams

Synopsis: School administrators confront a science teacher about the way he handled a student’s question regarding the theory of evolution. The teacher has some questions of his own about the nature of education.

JAMIE FRANKS, public high school principal, conciliator
PAT LASSITER, school board president, authoritarian
BRANDON MITCHELL, impassioned and dedicated science teacher

The roles of Jamie Franks and Pat Lassiter can be played by either sex, and all roles are ethnically, and racially neutral.


by John Minigan

Synopsis: What are you going to do when Death comes for you? If you’re an experienced database manager like Bobby Atcheson, you may find a way to survive.

BOBBY ATCHESON A database manager.
DICK FOLLANSBEE A bro, in the role of Death.


by Scott Mullen

Synopsis: Alice is taking her driving test, but she hasn't really driven before due to COVID.

ALICE (20s-40s) is the driver. Nervous, with a lot of rambling energy.
NELL (20-40s) is a driving test evaluator. Very serious.

Forget Me Not

By Leslie Dianne

Synopsis: DeShawn goes to see his father at the nursing home to sign some papers.

Edward 80, (racially neutral) He is kind and intelligent with a sixth sense about people that he hasn’t lost even though he now suffers from dementia.
DeShawn 40, (racially neutral) Edward's son. He is an addict, duplicitous, conniving, dishonest, and still struggling to grow up. His one saving grace is that he loves his father.



Ragtime - dates have not been set.  We are looking at July or August 2022.


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General Audition Notes

  • 4th Street Theater is a non-paid non-equity theatre.  (all-volunteer)
  • Sorry, we do not offer any paid positions or internships.
  • Actors are required to audition separately for each show they are interested in.  We do not have a set troupe/group of actors.