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Answers to common questions


  • Please note that reservations will NOT be accepted via email or the forms on our website.
  • Our box office volunteers do NOT monitor Facebook or social media.  Reservations will not be taken there.
  • Please call the box office to make reservations at 219-926-7875
  • We only accept cash and check at the box office.


  • All actors are required to audition for parts & for each show.  We do not have a set troupe/group of actors.  Please visit the auditions page for info.
  • For auditions, please go to


  • If you are interested in volunteering in areas other than acting go to
  • We are an all-volunteer community theater.  We are always looking for new volunteers.  Please note that there are certain months where not a lot is going on compared to other months.  Please see our show schedule.
  • Sorry, we do not offer any paid positions or internships.
  • For acting, please see the audition page listed above

Renting the Space

  • We do not rent out our space.  We will occasionally have an outside group perform in our space, but only when we do not have our own performances or rehearsals going on.
  • While it may look like we have plenty of downtimes, we rehearse, build the set, and perform all in the same space.  There is very little truly open time.  Outside groups are not permitted in our space while we have a set build in progress until after the show closes.

Kids Camps

  • Due to the number of other groups offering kids camps and classes, we do not offer any kids camps or classes at this time.

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