Casts lists for the 2024 10-Minute Play Festival

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for this year's play festival.  Here is this year's cast lists


It Is What It Is

By Craig Gustafson
Director, Diana Smoot  

Donna is Emmie Reigel
Angela is Jami Anderson

Henry is Caibhan McClure

Synopsis: A pleasant suburban housewife receives a visit from the Homeowners Association hit lady.


by Fred Tacon
Director, Karter Ensley
Mr. Ut- Emmie Reigel
Ivan- Jack Olsen
Fran Kenstein- Deveon Williams
The Grisley Sisters- Cindi Reyes, Amy Johnson Sobek and Wendi Cooper
Synopsis: Mr Ut runs a company called Rent-a-Stiff, a human taxidermy specialist.  But now there is competition in town.

Going Home 

By Arianna Rose
Director, Laura Mazzuca Toops

Jeen: Sandy Stotts
Zannie: Maggie Reister
Synopsis: Jeen and Zannie are married. When Jeen ends up in a Miami hospital following a second stroke, they both must confront the realities of the situation and what lies ahead. A story about the moments we wish we could take back.

Carthago Delenda Est 

By Scott Starkey
Director, Laurie Reyna

The Praetorian... Christina Biancardi
The Servant... Sandy Stotts
The Centurion... Roy Siebert
The Caesar... Phillip Myers
Synopsis: A praetorian is expecting a visit from the Caesar.  She finds out at the last minute that the centurion under his command has misunderstood Caesar's instructions.

Socks Without Partners

By Alice Burke
Director, Steve Rohe

Lara......Christina Biancardi

Philip ........Brandon Hearne

SYNOPSIS: A box of single socks as it relates to Lara and Philip's relationship.

The Mimes and Mummers Convention

By Lawrence Thelen

Director, Peggy Glennie

Miguel--Caibhan McClure
Lanny--Jack Olson
Marchese--Laura Blythe
Lucy--Chelsea Coleman
SYNOPSIS Two mimes encounter unforeseen consequences when their only way of communicating abandons them.

Ponce De Leon and the Old Dog

By Alexis Kozak
Director, Gerry Golvidis
Jim - Mike Johnson
Rita - Joanna Helinski
SYNOPSIS: When a student submits a paper written by AI, will her professor come to terms with his new role in the educational system or will his administrator send him on a permanent sabbatical?

When Stars Fade

By Michael Thomas
Director, Tom Olsen

Peter Pan    -    John Hutchinson
Cubby          -    Douglas Campbell
Tootles         -    Mark McColley

Synopsis:  Years after the Peter Pan story, Peter Pan wants to go on another adventure with the Lost Boys.

(This play is dedicated to George Maslankowski)

Performances will be from August 16 thru September 1st

Tickets will be on sale in mid to late July



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