4th Street Theater Presents


facilitated by R.A. Pauli

Award-winning playwright & Dramatist Guild member


Workshop #1: Writing Your First 10-Minute Play

This workshop is designed for those who have never written a 10-minute play but would like to explore the basic elements of this increasingly popular theatrical art form, with the goal of creating their own comedic or dramatic short plays.

In this workshop participants will consider what makes a compelling 10-minute play, how to structure such a play, how to properly format a script, where to find inspiration for a play, how to evaluate play ideas for suitability, and more.  An example of a produced 10-minute play will be considered as a case study in the application of theory to actual practice.  The session will conclude with an open Q&A in which participants can raise any points of curiosity that may not have been covered during the main discussion.

Each participant will also receive a document summarizing the main points covered in the workshop (along with a few extras), and containing links to additional helpful information sources.

This workshop should provide each participant with the basic toolkit necessary to get started on writing that first 10-minute masterpiece.

Workshop #2: Polishing Your 10-Minute Play

This workshop is designed for those who have written a 10-minute play and would benefit by 1) hearing that play read by actors and other members of the 4th Street Theatre staff, and 2) participating in a post-reading feedback session designed to help the playwright improve his or her work.

The workshop facilitator will introduce a method for proceeding with the table reads, as well as a protocol for offering and receiving constructive, supportive, feedback.  Each participant’s play will be read and will receive such feedback.  Participants will therefore not only gain better insight into their plays, but also gain the experience of how table reads/workshopping sessions are conducted.

Each participant will receive a document summarizing the table read and feedback methodology..

This workshop should provide each participant with some useful ideas for revising and polishing his or her play, as well as an understanding of how to organize and facilitate table reads and feedback sessions.

Both workshops will be held at the 4th Street Theater on Saturday, September 23, 2023. 

Workshop #1 starts at 10 AM and ends at 11:30 AM.

Workshop #2 starts at 1 PM and 4 PM (or ends whenever all plays have been read and commented on.)



$30 for 1 Workshop Session

$40 to attend Workshop Session 1 and audit/observe session 2