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Annual Ten Minute Play Festival

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About the Ten Minute Play Festival

We started this festival in August 2014 as the 6x10 Festival with just 6 plays that were submitted to us.  Starting in 2015, we started asking for submissions and selected the plays through a blind reading process.  This means that the reading committee does not know who wrote the plays or where they are from when they are reading them and voting on which ones to do.

Since we first started the festival, we have increased the number of plays produced each year to 8-10.  And we have added performance days due to audience demand.   In 2018 we received over 400 scripts from 35 states and 7 different countries!

We plan to continue growing the festival as it is a wonderful opportunity for playwrights to see their plays produced while giving directors and actors the opportunity to work with new material that has never been performed in our area.


2019 Festival

We are now accepting applications to direct through June 22, 2019.  No previous directing experience is necessary.  If you are interested, please apply at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdcno8mTSf0VuCl6uf-Vlr9M0HhRtOX12u-8D6_OdBsuhLj0A/viewform

Auditions - TBA - please watch our website or Facebook page for more info

Performances: August 30 - Sept 8, 2019
All performances are at 8 pm except on Sundays, which begin at 3 pm.

This year's selected plays are:


By: Mike McGeever
MARIE, 26, a graduate student in Physics
GABE, 40, a Physics Professor
Synopsis; Marie, a graduate student in physics waiting for a train, encounters a stranger who suggests a route that will change her life forever.

The Elimination Round

By: Carl L. Williams

FENRICK………..wealthy man seeking to eliminate an unwanted wife
MORGAN………..hitman engaged to do the eliminating
GENEVA…….…..the unwanted wife who resists being eliminated
PRISCILLA.……..Fenrick’s wife-to-be and finalist in the elimination round
Synopsis: A wealthy man engages a hitman to kill his wife so he can marry a new love. The hitman, however, proves to be an even shrewder businessman in negotiating a better deal.

Goodbye Itzy-Bitzy

By Betty Robinson
Characters: Ben and Annie Mickey – An elderly couple
SYNOPSIS Today's the day! Ben and Annie are leaving their home to move into a retirement community. Though they have discussed this move many times, Annie is very upset. Their dog, Itzy-bitzy can not go with them because they can not afford the $900 dollar pet deposit. Ben has promised they will save up the money and in six months bring Itzy-Bitzy home. A niece is caring for the dog. Annie says she has called a taxi and is leaving to pick up Itzy-Bitzy and live on the streets because their daughter should have moved into their home and taken care of them. Years ago, Ben did that for his mother causing Annie to run off to Mexico for some time. Ben says she is running away, again. “If you don't realize that we are responsible for caring for each other, then just go! Two wrongs do not make a right.” Both Ben and Annie must deal with what happened in the past and what needs to happen now. The unexpected happens at the end and Annie does not have to say goodbye to Itzy-Bitzy

Budget Airlines Flight 711

By: Bruce Guelden
TODD …. about 35, professional
MARY …. about 30, a loose cannon, spunky
JENNA …. about 30
CAPTAIN SMITH (voice only) .…no-nonsense, southern drawl
SYNOPSIS: This play is about a struggling airline company and its dysfunctional flight crew.


by Scott M ullen
TOM (60s-70s). An aging man in a thin coat.
QUINN (female, 20s). Just out of the army. Thin coat.
JENNY (20s). Quinn's girlfriend
Synopsis: When two veterans meet on a bus station bench, their differences are clear, but ultimately they find common ground as well

You Haven't Changed a Bit

By Donna Hoke
LEN: Old man
LOTTIE: Old woman
SYNOPSIS: Lottie has never been to a high school reunion; Len has been to them all. Their 70th is a first for them both.

About Time

By Robin Baron
JIM A man, around 50 years old.
DIANE A woman, around 50 years old.
Synopsis: Time is just about up for Jim’s watch and clock store when Diane helps him discover a new way to spend his leisure time.

Office Hours

by Bryan Harnetiaux
Eleanor Price – mid 50’s; a college professor – seemingly the ultimate professional
Nicole Seversen – mid/late 20’s; edgy and unhinged in appearance
Synopsis: Nicole goes to confront a college professor about plagiarism.