How to submit a script for the 2024 10-Minute Play Festival

Submission Rules

Submission Method & Time Frames

1.     Plays will be accepted for consideration on March 2, 2024, 8:00 am Central Standard Time thru March 9, 2024 at 11:59 pm or 100 plays, whichever comes first. So, if we hit 100 plays on the first day, we will close the submission window.  Note – we are in the same time zone as Chicago.  We usually hit the play limit within the first 24-36 hours.

2.     No early submissions will be accepted/considered.  If you submit early, you will be required to resubmit after the window opens to be considered.  We will not make any exceptions to this rule for any reason.

3.     We will only accept PDF submissions submitted to the email: 4thstreetplayfestival@gmail.com.

4.     No word, google docs, text, or other document formats will be considered.  You should be able to easily create a PDF version with free online tools, inside google docs, and/or newer versions of word.

5.     We will not accept any scripts that are mailed or dropped off.

6.     Each playwright may submit a maximum of one script for review.  If you submit more than 1 script, we will not consider any of your scripts.

7.     There is no entry fee.

8.     Plays submitted will not be returned.

9.     Plays should not have been produced anywhere in Indiana before.

10.  Plays should not have been published.

11.  We will only accept one version of the script. Please do not send revision (Any revisions will not be considered/read).

Formatting – Please make your script easy to read!

1.     Please visit: http://caryplaywrightsforum.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/CPF_play_formatting2.pdf for guidelines on how to format a script.

2.     All plays should be in 12pt font – the choices are Arial, Courier, or Times. Margins should be 1 inch. 

We want to be sure the font doesn't make it too hard to read and is looks the same on our computer and yours. So, please stick to a standard font & font size.

3.     A cover page that includes the title of the play, playwright's name, playwright's complete address, phone number, and email. If the play is a collaboration, the info requested in number one of this list is required for both parties.

4.     Please do not list your name, any of your contact information, your website, where the play has been performed already, or any other identifying information on the dialogue pages. 

If you include any of this on the dialogue pages, your script will NOT be considered.  (We do a blind reading, so our reading committee will not know whose plays they are reading)

5.     Please do not include any information about where the plays have been performed or your bio on the script.  If you include that it must be separate page from any dialogue or the character information.

6.     Plays are to be no more than ten pages in length and no less than 6 pages of dialogue.

Please be clear that we want a COVER PAGE with Title and all contact info; followed by just a Title Page with no contact info this page can also set out the cast, set and synopsis for the play and any additional suggestions from the playwright. Note that none of these pages will be counted in the ten-page maximum count.

Content and Characters:

1.     We will not consider musicals. (You may suggest background music)

2.     Plays must be between 8 and 10 minutes. We will not accept submissions for shows longer or shorter than this. Please time your script prior to sending it.

3.     We are wanting plays, not skits. There should be a beginning, middle, and end with an actual plot.

4.     No multiple scenes or scene changes during your play.

5.     No extensive set/costume/light/projection requirements. Please note: our stage is 12 feet deep by 30 feet wide.  We do not allocate a special budget for the festival, so any requirements need to be for easily found or made items.

6.     We are capable of using projections to simplify set requirements, but there should not be extensive requirements (ie it should only be a couple of slides max).

7.     No more than four characters.

8.     Please let us know if any of the characters can be gender or ethnically/racially neutral.  Please specify the age(s) if it is important to the story.  If the age is not important, please let us know.

9.     Plays should primary be written in English.

Other Requirements & Rules

1.     No feedback will be given on plays not selected.

2.     We will post selected plays on Facebook and our website in May.

3.     We will only email the playwrights of selected plays.

4.     Failure to follow any of the guidelines for submission listed on this website will automatically disqualify a script from consideration.

5.     Please do not ask for special consideration for any of these requirements.

By submitting a script for consideration, the playwright agrees that the 4th Street Theater may produce the script during our 10-Minute-Play Festival.

Also, by submitting a script for consideration, the playwright agrees that if 4th Street Theater selects the play, we may stream it for a short period of time.  If our board does decide to stream it, the link will be a private link – meaning you will have to have the exact link to view it and it will be left up only for a short period of time (2-4 weeks).  It will also be done several weeks after the live performances.  If we do stream the show, playwrights will receive a copy of the link.  We ask that playwrights do not publish the video publicly (including YouTube or any other social media site), but the link could be shared privately with friends and family.

The playwright also agrees to waive any royalties for the production of the piece in the festival and relinquishes all rights to casting decisions and/or scenic choices.

 For questions or further information, contact Linda Pauli, Festival Producer, at 4thstreetplayfestival@gmail.com

2024 Festival Time Line

Chosen scripts announced on our website & Facebook - May 2024

Call for directors - will be in May or June 2024.  Details TBA

Auditions - will be in late June or early July.  Details TBA

Performances August 2024 (tickets will go on sale in July)

To read more about the festival, please visit: https://4thstreetncca.com/6x10/



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