DATE:  March 17, 2020

FROM:  Sandra Assarian, Producer, 4th Street Theater




Due to the coronavirus outbreak and in the interest of health and safety for our community, staff and performers, all remaining performances of the play ART are canceled.  The show was scheduled to run through March 29th.  This splendid piece of work will be remounted in March of 2021 per the suggestion of many who were able to attend performances the first weekend.

Unfortunately, this cancellation will mean a loss of over $4000 for the theater, as well as potential losses for the upcoming show Closer Than Ever in June.  Since shows provide a substantial amount of operating revenue, these losses will be adversely felt.  The theater, a not for profit 501c3, depends on many avenues of funding, including donations and sponsorships.  All staff and performers are volunteers; however, the budget for the theater is still in excess of $60,000 annually.  This includes production costs and overhead expenses.  Substantially all equipment is purchased with grant funds from local benefactors.  All board members are charged with ongoing fundraising efforts in order for the theater to break even each year.

The coming months will undoubtedly be challenging for all arts organizations that rely on both community donations and audience attendance. During the Covid-19 pandemic and the accompanying financial downturn, neither will be in ample supply.  If you are able, 4th Street Theater appeals to members of the community for any amount of financial support they can provide.  Additionally, any person or business that would be willing to sponsor a show or make a donation, should contact the theater by phone at (219) 926-7875 or in writing to 4th Street Theater, P.O. Box 2281, Chesterton, IN 46304.  (Please do not mail to the street address).  In the meantime, stay safe, remain hopeful, and be kind to each other.  Together, our community can and will ride out this storm.




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