RE: RED KITE TREASURE ADVENTURE for children on the autism spectrum

On September 15th, 4th Street Theater in Chesterton, will present the Red Kite Treasure Adventure, a free, interactive theater experience with live music and sensory moments written, created and performed by Chicago Children’s Theatre specifically for small audiences of young people, ages 4-14, on the autism spectrum. 3 performances are scheduled for 50 minutes each. Refer to the 4th Street Theater website for times and additional information. The theater is located at 125 N. Fourth Street in Chesterton.
The participating children will join the chivalrous Oswald and his precocious siblings on their harrowing journey to track down a rare Chinese vase. Their adventure leads them to Chinatown where they arrive just in time for New Year’s festivities, dragon puppets, fireworks and lanterns. After conquering their fears (and a sea serpent named Gong Gong) our heroes return home with a newfound appreciation for bravery, honesty and family tradition. Inspired by characters from Edith Nesbit’s The Story of the Treasure Seekers, this intimate production creates a safe and exciting theatrical environment for young people with autism and their families. Registration is required—absolutely no walk-ins will be allowed and it is not open for public viewing. Invited family members may attend.
• A parent or caretaker must accompany each child to the theater and will be able to sit near his/her child, though not in the performance space itself.
• Reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis through the 4th Street Theater website.
• For more information and registration, visit us online at https://4thstreetncca.com (click on the link to Red Kite Treasure Adventure). Parents may also contact Jude Tanter, producer and coordinator of the program, at (773) 791-0782 with specific questions and concerns.

If you know anyone who has an autistic child, please encourage them to take advantage of this very special event. The Red Kite Treasure Adventure is fully sponsored by Chesterton-Duneland Kiwanis, Chesterton Tri Kappa and Horizon Bank.



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