Cast List for Peter & the Starcatcher coming in November 2018 to 4th Street Theater

There was a great talented group that tried out & the director thanks you all for making this difficult for him.

Random order:

Cptn. Robert Falcon Scott – Jeff Schultz
Lord Leonard Aster- Timothy Slatton
Black Stache – Dean Perrine
Boy/Peter – Adam Gustas
Fighting Prawn/Grempkin – Matt Stinnett
Hawking Clam – Michael Thomas
Smee – Alexander Bonner
Prentiss – Jordan Dashiell
Molly Aster – Kelly Collins
Alf – Mark McColley
Bill Slank – Dean Johanson
Sanchez – Lilly O’Quinn
Mack – Vanessa Phipps
Pirate / ensemble – Aira Robbinson
Ted – Trinnis Marrow
Mrs. Bumbrake / Teacher – Donald Beck

Congratulations to all



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