We would like to thank everyone who showed up at auditions. Here are the cast lists for the 4th Annual Ten Minute Play Festival:

Finding Your Voice by Jordan Chaddock

Director: Rea Robinson

Cast: Todd – Kevin Burgun

Lucy – Lindsey Elderkin

A New Me by R.A. Pauli

Director: Craig Golbesky

Cast: Sylvie – Lindsey Elderkin

Edward- Dean Perrine

Table Manners in Santa Monica by William Ivor Fowkes

Director: George Maslankowski

Cast: Man – Mike Lerner

Woman – Diana Smoot

Masterminds by Jim Henry

Director: Aaron Davis

Cast: Bradley – Dean Perrine

Ma – Linda Lemond

The Final Word by Dr. Louis Janeira

Director: Carla J Brewer

Cast: Harriet West – Victoria Luster-Bartz

Orton Orwell – Rodney Thornton

Dr. Jack Orwell – Jerry Golvidis

Aunt Millie – Sandy Owens

Clara – Christina Biancardi

Hi, My Name is Grace by Stefan Barkow

Director: John Avila

Cast: Grace – Shannon Wilhelm

Character 2 – Elli Bezotte

Fade to Black by Kristin Duncan

Director: Victoria Luster-Bartz

Cast: Bobby – Tim Slatton

Taryn – Lillian Alyssum Connor

I’ve Got You Under My Skin by Greg Cummings

Director: Christina Biancardi

Cast: Marcus – Rodney Thornton

Jen – Caroline Herrera

The Curse of Count Dicky by Dr. Louis Janeira

Directors: Robert Dure and Lydia DeVille

Cast: Dicky – Tim Slatton

Rita – Caroline Herrera

Bob – Aaron Davis

Hark, I Hear the Cannon by Dean Johanson

Director: Robyn Rutar

Cast: Sal – Brian Brophy

Steve: Rodney Thornton

Frost: Kevin Burgun

Stagehand 1: Tim Slatton

Stagehand 2: Margie Duvall Calhoon

Ensemble Backstage Crew: Kendra Vanderstar

Erin Shields



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